And when the stars come falling down…

… I will make sure to not catch any.


[photo credits: tumblr]

Well, of course you will burst out because they are glowing balls of hot gases. But kidding aside, someone reasoned out that she will not catch any so she can wish on them all and not waste a star or a wish. Like her, I may not be a star-catcher but I am a dreamer. Are you not too?

We all have our esoteric dreams within ourselves, we don’t tell the other people because we assume that they might jinx them and that these dreams will not happen anymore. Haha, such beliefs, but it’s cute isn’t it? We might not notice but these series of visions and thoughts created in our own imaginations called dreams may also be a source of hope for us. They serve as guides to reach our goals. They become our signs to know the right direction in order to grasp our destination. And most especially, they inspire us, and this reason is more than enough to call them our dreams. 🙂

“And all our dreams shall turn, to reality”…

It’s very important that we become dreamers in our own ways, but we can’t be dreamers forever. If we don’t want to be called delusional and unreal, and if we want our dreams to come true, we must take action. We must learn that in life, things will not automatically appear like magic. And that nobody will do things for us, except ourselves. We should put in mind that aside from dreaming, we should also forge our path and write our own destiny.

[credits: Dear friend, :)]