Relationships, maybe it by blood that runs through your veins or by other types of connections, do not always have happy endings. I am a living proof to that. Let us take it like this…

I was once a faithful servant of His Royal Highness and Her Majesty Queen. I did all my best I could to meet their needs and wants by action, not by words alone.But then they were conquered by worldly things. They only value the material and earthly things. They turned out to be unappreciative of what’s invisible to the eyes but visible to the heart.

The wounds they have conjured are still fresh. Maybe before, we had those memories we shared but I think these are not enough anymore to bind what has been torn and to mend what has been broken. I wouldn’t mind talking to you from now on because I believe that our stars will never cross anymore and our constellations will never be fathomed again.

Before I felt love, but now I sense apathy, the lack of feeling or emotion towards you and everyone that surrounds you. I reckon you’re mature enough to understand what is to be understood. Don’t think that I hate you but you may consider that I do not appreciate your existence anymore.

People might judge me, they might have known the story but they don’t know what’s behind it. Others might turn against me, but I don’t give a damn, they have not taken those broken glasses I have breathed and they have not also suffered the bleeding of the innocence inside me.