Our holiday vacation is nearly over (well that’s still more than two weeks of being free from any school responsibilities). But recently, one of our teachers has already given our “advance” tasks. At first I was dismayed (maybe because of the fact that soon enough I will be again forced to wake up early in the morning even though I still want to cuddle with my pillows and cover myself with my blanket), and another thing is, IT’S DUE ON FRIDAY!!!

So there is this one particular task wherein we will be creating a “scrapbook” or a “photo album” which will be containing our pictures from the time when we first entered our school gate ’til now. So all of us had been preoccupied finding, downloading and printing those photos for our this particular requirement.

I have already searched my schoolmates’ albums in facebook, hoping that one of them had mistakenly taken a photo with me or had stolen some shots of my unattractiveness. But as I kept on searching, I couldn’t help but smile.

I can’t imagine how we’ve managed to share those “jeje posts” as they call them; that we were once those students who have experienced to preserve different types of algae and classify various kinds of fungi in our biology class; that we have once sacrificed our weekends just to rehearse for our speech choir performance;  and that we have been once those whom our “manongs and manangs” called their “adings”.

Now, we are the Seniors. For me, this task that have been given to us is more than a requirement in our subject.

I know that before, I was once the “camera shy” type because I do not really fancy taking photos. But now, I try to fit myself in every photos my schoolmates take, even if only a part of my body will be seen in that picture (LOL).

These pictures symbolize the adventures we had from the very beginning. All those laughter, tears, jokes, heartbreaks and many more had been attached on those photographs. Maybe in the near future we will not see each other anymore, but in the past, we had created memories, and these will help us remember all those people who had been part of our adventure.

To my fellow Seniors, we still have three months!!! three months of picture takings, sharing (corny) jokes and whatever we might want to do. It’s not yet too late. 🙂