I enjoy…

… then regret. Perhaps, my entire life had always been like this, as simple as 1…2… and 3. I incessantly create bad decisions hoping that they will turn into great stories afterwards and that they will give me the temporary pleasure and happiness that I need for a certain moment, but I invariably end up blaming myself for having done those silly things. I guess it’s because I never followed life’s instructions.

But wait, are there instructions at all? I think not. Life does not come with a perfect manual. It does not specify the correct chronological order of steps that you need to follow to flawlessly conquer it. We are unaware of the rules imposed by the playful universe. And life is not really about connecting the dots to create a good pattern but about fathoming the stars to catalyze an unblemished constellation.

Yes we make mistakes, but we should not make them our stupidities. Life’s pattern should be “I enjoy, then regret, then LEARN”. We don’t need to be perfect because we can’t be. After all, experiences will always be life’s greatest teacher.

Dear reader, you need to understand that living also means misapprehensions and stumbling blocks, but you should never let these fool and conquer you. The best way to overcoming them is to start doing so. But don’t be afraid because it actually goes like that. Take risks, join in, learn.