Yes we can!


This is my very first post so I just want to make it somewhat inspirational in my own way. Well I reckon I maybe “not that good” type but I hope you’ll like it. :))

Bethany Hamilton succinctly puts, “I don’t need easy… I need possible.” When I watched this movie, I never expected that it was a true to life story of a surfer, nor did I imagine that someone, undergoing such circumstances, will manage to surpass this challenge of life. But for a matter of minutes I have made myself believe, that as long as we think that we can do it, we can really do it.

Life as we know it is full of challenges and adventures. It is just like crossing a vast ocean, the waves are the adventures, the ship is our life, and we are the captains of our ships. We cannot expect to have a clear and smooth sail as we journey along the way. Perhaps, there will be storms that would turn the skies pitch black and would make the waves roar like tigers in the wild. At this point in time now will be the moment that might bring you up, or turn you down. Remember, you are the only captain of your ship. It is in your hands on how to handle such kinds of fate, good or bad.

The problem in the society is, most of us easily get intimidated by other people before we ought to try something. Blinded by insecurity and the lack of confidence, we fail to realize the essence of being the only captain of our ships because we consider first what others think instead of having our mind and heart decide for our own.

Anything is possible in this world where we live. It’s just that many of us think the other way around because they failed to try. Believe me, we will not learn much through the “easy way”. Maybe it might make things possible but I reckon, the more we risk ourselves to try, the more possible things will be.