You think you have always known…

… yet you never really had.

Something’s bothering me and I’ve tried my best to let it pass out yet I can’t, and so I’m writing this down now…

To Whom It May Concern:

I don’t care if your mind would restrict processing the thoughts I have written below and that you might not as well understand, but I hope your conscience does.

It’s so funny how I was just talking about how important to be someone who is sensitive enough to know his or her responsibilities and obligations as a human being in my previous blog post yesterday, yet today, I just came across something ironic, something that made me feel disappointed.

For me, there are several kinds of living creatures, there are those who learn, who change, who understand, but on the other hand, unfortunately, there are those who DON’T.

Sometimes, people think they’ve already done enough, that they’re already mature for having accomplished such things, that they are already responsible and independent to do things on their own, that they have already understood the adversities of daily living, that they have already been aware of their childish actions, that they have already changed, and that they think they have always known, yet they never really had… NEVER.

I am not judging… I am not being mean… I am not being rude…. I am just trying to state the awful truth…

I know you have already asked yourself something like, “Have I really grown old?” but why not try to question “Have I already grown up?”.

p.s. If you don’t want to be sensitive enough for others, do it for yourself.