Change what you cannot accept…

A/N: This is from the 365 Writing Prompts of the Daily Post

May 3: The little things. Describe a little thing – one of the things you love that defines your world but is often overlooked.

… Accept what you cannot change.

They say that the simplest way to achieve happiness is contentment, the gift of acceptance for one’s self. Truly it is, that simplicity is beauty itself, but unfortunately, only a few were given the ability of self-actualization, the understanding that the littlest things are the most important and that the big things are just nothing but temporary.

Nature is one of those little things that we weren’t really able to appreciate that much. And on a deeper note, we are also the reason of its destruction. You might say that since it just gives the air we breathe and it cannot give you the most expensive jewelries, mouth-watering dishes, nor the newest gadgets, so you won’t care anymore, but that just ruined the whole thing. You consider the air you breathe as a little thing yet it’s the reason why you can still wear those jewelries or eat those foods or play with those gadgets.

Dear reader, I think this generation had been so ambitious that they overlooked into the future without giving importance to what they still have in the present nor learning from the lessons of the past. I hope you are not one of them. Learn to appreciate the littlest things, because they provide you the biggest joy you could possibly have.

Missing the Innocence Within

Summer vacation. I am already experiencing summer, but I still don’t feel the ‘vacation’ part. I am already a graduate but I am still preoccupied with school works that I need to finish [the perks of being an officer]. And I am also messed up of making my decisions for  college. With all this obligations and responsibilities I have right now, I just want to take a rest or maybe, forget all of them for a little while and be like a kid.

No worries…

I miss those good old times when all I have to do is to wake-up, eat, play and sleep, no more no less. As a child, I didn’t have to worry about waking up early just to catch up with the call time in going to school to do what I am required to do. I didn’t have to finish everything because I could just sit there and my mom would do things for me, because I am still young and short. I didn’t have to decide for my own because my parents would figure it out for me. I didn’t have to think of going to school because I am allowed to play all day, even though the sun is too high and it’s very hot outside.

On a deeper note, I also miss those times when getting my knees scratched would only be the reason of my tears; when stomachaches will only be the reasons of my pain; and when having my toys broken would only be the reason of my frustrations. It’s also given that as a child, the only mistake you make is when you have misspelled a word and that you don’t need a hard time to think of a solution because you could just bite the tip of your pencil for the eraser to appear so you can annihilate your mistakes and you can start all over again, without enduring much damage.


I think I have known for a while that even though I am already 16, I can still be a child, not by actions but by heart. I could still do the things I want, except that I am already limited. I have to accept the fact that at this age, I should learn how to be independent and I need to be responsible enough for my actions. And that my actions would be a great factor of what might my future be. 🙂