Reunited Once More

Today, I realized that the galaxies are not just composed of stars, but of constellations as well. You might not see the difference but I reckon there is – the bonds between them. They share something in common and that they create good combinations. Like a family at its finest. You might not see the bond and connection but you can feel it, in your heart, and in your soul.

Before, we were broken, like a glass shattered into pieces. These have made us bleed and made the bond weak and vulnerable. I’ve thought that nothing could mend it anymore and that it would remain as it is. But I was wrong.

We were hunted by the concept of complex interdependence. One cannot live without the other. To remove the fractures, we tried to forgive and forget. We weighed those happy memories more than our pride. It may have took time but at least we now have a better relationship. The sweetest of them all.

Dear reader, 

Whatever happens in your life, remember that your family will always be there for you. And if your family have problems, solve them as soon as possible. That was our mistake, it took so long for us to realize its importance. But I will never be going back anymore. And this end will be my beginning.

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